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Dr Khan Orthopaedics GP
Dr Khan Orthopaedics GP

ShamsulKhan, MD

Orthopaedics GP
Carpal TunnelGeneral practitioner consultationGolfer ElbowHallux ValgusJoint PainKnee injectionsMinor SurgeryMRIOrthopedists Traumatologists ConsultationsTennis ElbowX-Rays
Dr Khan has over 18 years of international experience. He has a unique set of professional skills and qualifications. This doctor is a GP who previously worked as an orthopaedics surgeon (in Scandinavia).

He performed many complex orthopaedic trauma surgeries and he is an expert in diagnosing and treating various bone and joint conditions:
- Dupuytren's contracture fasciectomy
- Carpal Tunnel Decompression
- Trigger finger release
- Wrist Arthrodesis
- Tennis elbow/Golfer elbow release
- Hallux valgus corrections (Chevron, Akins, Chielectomy)
- Foot Weils osteotomy, MCPJ, PIPJ, DIPJ fusion, Ankle fusion
- Total Arthroplasty of Hip and Knee
Language:Fluency in Finnish, English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu
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