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Referral Policy

At various times patients will need to be referred for consultant’s opinion, operation or procedure e.g X-Ray, MRI, etc to another service or to another clinician.

When this happens, the referrer should ensure the following is recorded accurately in the patient record; the patient’s name, address, date of birth, telephone number, past medical history, current presenting complaint and medication, together with allergies or sensitivities, and details of any investigations or tests that have been undertaken including results.

Your doctor will discuss with you the clinically appropriate options which are available for treating your medical condition. The doctor will ask you if you have any specific needs that another practice needs to be aware of e.g. carer, social issues, disability, advance directives etc.

When you require a diagnostic test, including imaging, the doctor will explain all risks and benefits, prices etc.

The doctor will support you to make decisions about your care and treatment and will explain all the options.

If you have already decided where and when you would like to be seen, the staff will help you to book an appointment before you leave our Clinic. If you need more time to consider your choices, you can take the referral letter with you and book your appointment later.

If you give our Clinic your NHS GP Surgery details and consent to contact your NHS GP, we will provide them with a copy of your records from Northway Clinic. If your condition is very serious and you have to continue treatment at an NHS facility, a doctor will explain to you the need to have further treatment and will seek your consent to inform your NHS GP surgery or to call emergency services if your condition requires it.

If the matter has clinical urgency, the staff will seek to send the information to your GP on the same day.

We will seek your consent and maintain confidentiality at every stage of your treatment. There are instances where confidentiality may need to be broken, for example, due to safeguarding concerns, or notifiable diseases. This will be discussed with you if required.

If you are not registered with an NHS GP, your doctor at Northway Clinic will contact a private clinic/hospital and will help you to arrange further treatment there, rather than you arrange the referral yourself.

The referring clinician will be responsible for continuing care of you and will act as the point of contact if there any issues arising out of the referral. The doctor will also contact you for future steps.

We produce written referrals for the patient right after each consultation and/or procedure.

We make every effort to keep you healthy and safe by providing professional care.

Accredited by private medical insurance companies

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