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Private STI Tests in London.

Quick, Affordable and Discreet STD Testing. Same day Appointments and Treatment.

Many individuals with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) do not experience any symptoms, therefore we recommend you to have a sexual health screen anytime you have unprotected oral, anal or vaginal sex with a new partner.

When STIs are left untreated they can cause issues such as pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause a significant amount of pain and potentially lead to issues such as infertility or other serious health problems.

STI Test Profiles for routine testing

Please note that many STIs have a window period after a sexual encounter during which an STI might not yet be detectable. To ensure the accuracy of test results, you might need to wait for the window period to pass. For more details, please see the FAQs below.

If you are planning an IVF treatment or surgery abroad, you might need to book a test for 4 common blood borne pathogens (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C) which costs £110.

Instant tests cost just £60 per test (one STI) and can be booked below. Same day appointments are available.

How can I get tested for STI?

  • Book a test or appointment

    If you are experiencing any symptoms of an STI or have a higher risk of contracting an STI (see FAQs below for more details) you will need to book a Sexual Health consultation with one of our experienced doctors. Consultation costs £70. Depending on your sexual history, symptoms and other factors, the doctor will be able to help you choose the most suitable STI test package for you (additional cost).

    If you have no symptoms and would like to have a routine STI test, then you can book an STI test without a consultation from the list below. If you would prefer to pay in the clinic (cash or card), please call us on 02034050860

  • Get ready

    Following your booking, you will receive a link to a questionnaire and tips on how to prepare for your appointment. It’s important to complete this prior to your appointment so the GP has any relevant information provided (e.g. your address and DOB for prescription). We would ask that you avoid urinating for at least 2 hours before your test.

  • Sexual Health Appointment

    Depending on your risk factors and symptoms, your doctor may recommend specific tests for STIs. Common tests include blood tests, urine tests, or swabs of the genital, throat, or rectal areas, along with a physical examination. The tests may vary based on your gender, sexual history, and symptoms. If you have pre-booked a routine STI screen with no consultation, you will visit our Sexual Health clinic, where you will give a urine and blood sample. Please note that urine STI tests may not detect infection in the rectum or throat.

  • Treatment or Referral

    You will receive your test results quickly and efficiently, and if needed, we can assist in referring you to the appropriate care provider for any treatment that you need. Test results will be emailed to you the next working day (delays are possible). A rapid STI test delivers results in approximately 15 minutes.  If you test positive for Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea, you will be offered treatment at Northway Clinic. If you test positive for HIV, Syphilis, or Hepatitis, a doctor will contact you and refer you to a specialised NHS Sexual Health Clinic for treatment. For other infections, you may receive an instant e-prescription.

Select available STI screening or schedule a sexual health consultation

Why Northway Sexual Health Clinic?

  • Rapid access to Sexual Health diagnostics and treatment. Skip long NHS waiting lists and be seen in hours, not days. Usually, we can offer the same and next day appointments. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.
  • Great value for money. We are proud to be able to offer some of the lowest prices in London. We are one of the largest private clinics in East London.
  • A team of experts. Northway Clinic is fortunate enough to have a group of highly experienced Sexual Health professionals. We are regulated by Care Quality Commission (CQC) and all our GPs are GMC registered.
  • Hassle free, private and confidential. This means that your personal information and test results will not be shared with anyone else without your consent.
  • Next day results (possible delays). Instant prescriptions sent to your nearest pharmacy or same day treatment at the clinic.
  • We are a modern multidisciplinary clinic based in London, so if required you can see a private GP or other specialists face-to-face without any delays.
  • We have excellent client satisfaction ratings (Doctify & Google reviews).
  • Speedy onward referrals if you need to have any further treatment.
  • We are conveniently located just one minute from Jubilee Line’s Canning Town station. It’s just 5-10 mins away from Canary Wharf or Stratford by public transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after exposure I can book an STI test?

It is important to appreciate that certain infections may not become detectable immediately after sexual activity. To get accurate test results it is important for a window period to pass.

For routine testing, our recommended waiting times for the most common STIs:

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea: Wait for at least 2 weeks before testing

Syphilis and HIV: It is advisable to wait for 4-6 weeks before testing. That said, our HIV test measures blood levels of HIV p24 antigen (along with antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2) which can be high in the first few weeks after infection, meaning the test can detect infection in the earliest stages. In some cases, an additional test may be needed in 3 months.

If you have any symptoms of infection, please book a Sexual Health appointment above where we will most likely offer immediate testing.

What are STI symptoms which require a Sexual Health consultation with a doctor?

It is important to recognise that many people do not experience any symptoms when they have an STI, which is why we recommend regular testing.

The main symptoms of STI include:

  • Pain/burning when you pass urine
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge or odour
  • Discharge from the penis
  • Irritation around the urethra (the hole where urine passes from)
  • Itching, burning or tingling around the genitals
  • Testicular discomfort or swelling
  • Rash, blisters, sores, spots or lumps around the genitals or anus
  • Unusual black powder or tiny white dots in your underwear (potentially droppings or eggs from pubic lice)
  • Bleeding between periods or after sex (women)
  • Lower abdominal pain

These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have an STI, but it’s worth seeing a doctor so you can find out what’s causing the symptoms and get treatment.

Who is at a higher risk of contracting an STI and would benefit from a consultation with a Sexual Health specialist?

Men who have sex with men (MSM). Sexually active men who engage in sexual activity with men or transgender individuals, even if they also have sexual encounters with women,

Individuals who engage in drug use during sexual activities, known as chemsex. People who consume mood-altering and behaviour-modifying drugs (referred to as “chems”) that lead to increased sexual risk-taking.

Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) and their clientele. Individuals (both male and female) involved in either paying for sex or receiving payment for sexual services.

People who have recently visited countries with a higher prevalence of STIs, and/or individuals born in or who have engaged in sexual activity with someone from countries with a significant number of new STI cases.

Those with multiple or concurrent sexual partners. Individuals who maintain a high number of sexual partners, particularly when there is overlap or group sex involved.

Intravenous drug users. Sharing needles or drug paraphernalia presents a substantial risk for various blood-borne viruses like HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Individuals with sexual partners who fall into any of the aforementioned groups. Sexual partners of individuals belonging to the aforementioned risk categories also face an increased likelihood of contracting STIs.

Do you offer instant tests in London?

Yes, we can offer instant tests at our private Sexual Clinic in London. They cost just £60 per test (one STI).

Available ST instant tests at our London Clinic:

Hepatitis C Instant Test £60
Hepatitis B Instant Test £60
Herpes Simplex 1 – HSV1 IgG/IgM Instant Test £60
Herpes Simplex 2 – HSV2 IgG/IgM Instant Test £60
CRP Semi-Quantitative Rapid Test £60
Strep A Instant Test £60
HIV Combo Instant Test (HIV1/2Ab+HIV+p24Ag) £60
Syphilis Instant Test £60
Gonorrhoea Instant Test £60
Chlamydia Instant Test £60

If you would like to book an instant test,  please use the form above, call us on 020 3405 0860 or send an online request.


What is measured in the blood tests?

Depending on your symptoms and requirements, we can offer a range of blood tests including:

– Antibodies to Syphilis (IgG/IgM)

– HIV-1 p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV-1 including group O and HIV-2 (HIV1&2/p24Ag)

– Hepatitis C Antibodies (Anti-HCV)

– Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)

– Antibodies to Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1 and HSV2)

Why do people choose private STI clinics?

There are a number of reasons why people may choose to see a private STI clinic rather than an NHS sexual health clinic.

  • Convenience: Private STI clinics often offer more convenient appointments, such as same-day or next-day appointments, and evening and weekend appointments. This can be helpful for people who have busy work schedules or who find it difficult to get to an NHS clinic during regular hours.
  • Confidentiality: Private STI clinics offer complete confidentiality. This means that your personal information and test results will not be shared with anyone else without your consent. This can be important for people who are concerned about their privacy.
  • Range of services: Private STI clinics offer a wider range of services than NHS sexual health clinics, such as at-home testing and travel vaccinations. This can be convenient for people who need these additional services.
  • No waiting lists: Private STI clinics typically do not have waiting lists, so you can get tested and treated quickly. This can be important for people who are concerned about the health risks of having an untreated STI.

If you are considering visiting a private STI clinic, it is important to compare the cost and services of different clinics before you make a decision.

What if I test positive for an STI?

If you test positive for an STI, one of our Sexual Health specialists will contact you to explain all of the treatment options available to you. Most STIs can be effectively treated with antibiotics or other medications. However, some STIs, such as HIV, cannot be cured. However, there are effective treatments available that allow people with HIV to live long and healthy lives.

If you cannot access a specialist Sexual Health or Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) clinic within a reasonable time then you may prefer to get your treatment at Northway Clinic.

In particular, we can offer same or next day treatment for:

Gonorrhoea: IM injection Treatment cost– £50. If your doctor thinks you should also be treated for Chlamydia at the same time, you will be given antibiotic tablets for this at no extra cost.

Chlamydia: Usually treated with tablets. This treatment cost is £50.

We recommend that should have a repeat test at least 2 weeks after treatment to check the infection has been cured.

You must tell all recent sexual partners if you have a positive test result and you should avoid having sex (even with a condom) until you have completed the treatment, or as advised by your doctor.

What are the long-term effects of untreated STIs?

If left untreated, STIs can cause an increased risk of serious health problems, such as:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Infertility
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Increased risk of HIV infection
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Systemic / multi-organ complications, especially in untreated HIV / Syphilis / Hepatitis
Who shouldn't book Sexual Health Consultations or Tests?

Our Sexual Health services are available to all people aged 18 or over.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your appointment more than 24 hours before it starts, then you will get a full refund (£10 admin fees apply). If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before it starts or do not attend, then you will have to pay the total consultation/test cost as per our T&Cs. You can read them in full here.

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Our Sexual Health services are available to people aged 18 or over.

Northway Clinic should NOT be used in cases of potential medical emergencies. If you think that your situation, or someone else’s, is or might become an emergency, you should IMMEDIATELY call 999 or 111, or go to your local Emergency Department.

Examples are: Severe chest pain, Difficulty breathing, Active or severe bleeding, Loss of consciousness, Slurred speech, Facial Drooping, Inability to move an arm or leg, Acute confused state, Fits/seizures, Major trauma, a rash that doesn’t disappear under a glass tumbler being pressed against it, Possible stroke or heart attack, Swallowing a foreign object such as a battery, Sudden loss of vision or hearing.

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